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Graphic Review of "It Takes Two": The Best Cooperative Game in Recent Years

The story of “It Takes Two” takes place in a family that is about to split. After the male protagonist Cody and the female protagonist Xiao Mei told their daughter that they were about to divorce, their daughter Ross pretended to be calm and returned to her room with two dolls and a book to the warehouse. In the warehouse, the little girl Ross asked Dr. Harkin, the author of “Book of Love”, to help her parents become “friends” again and shed a few tears on the dolls. Later, Cody and Xiao Mei woke up and found themselves turned into dolls.

Dr. Ha Jin appeared and told the two that he was a best-selling author and had helped thousands of couples. Now he would also help them rekindle their love. After hearing this, Cody and Xiaomei said that they had made the decision to divorce, leaving Dr. Ha Jin to talk to himself. After learning that he had turned into a doll because of his daughter’s tears, the two decided to seek her help. Thus, Cody and Xiaomei embarked on a wonderful adventure to find their daughter and restore her body.

In fact, “Two People” is the kind of “cliché” story where you can guess the ending from the beginning, but the full plot and straightforward twists make the whole story interesting and three-dimensional. In addition, the character portrayal in the game is also excellent, including the unkempt Cody, the strong woman Xiaomei, the overly sensible Ross, the lovely Xiong Feng, the space marquee who is devoted to Ross, and the arrogant Dr. Ha Jin. All the characters are still fresh in people’s memories after completing the game. Actually, what impressed me the most was the tool beetle that didn’t get to eat the nectar until the end (laughs).

Tool man (beetle)

The 50GB game size gives this game a next-generation level of graphics. Compared to the realistic style of the previous game “Escape from Survival”, this game is more cartoonish. If you play with a girl, she will fall in love with this style at first sight. The only unfriendly thing may be the light pollution in the kaleidoscope level.

Light pollution under the kaleidoscope.

Excellent level design

Cody and Xiaomei have to go through 7 levels on the road to finding their bodies, including their own warehouse, big trees in the courtyard, corroded gardens, and snowballs of their first love. In addition to the different themes, the abilities that players have in these levels are also different. For example, in the early stage of the game, Xiaomei has the hammerhead ability, and Cody can throw nails. To pass through the farther platform, Xiaomei needs to rely on Cody’s nail ability.

Among many abilities, I personally think the most creative are the soldier armor and magic hat in the toy house . When Xiaomei put on the armor and Cody put on the magic hat, the game instantly turned into a bird’s-eye view RPG. Xiaomei transformed into a warrior who can whirlwind slash, Cody became a mage who can teleport, and at the same time, the damage suffered by the enemy also became a numerical representation. I was shocked at the time and exclaimed, Can this game still be played like this?

In addition to the boss battle design in the level game, it is also very unique. For example, the easiest boss vacuum tower in the first level requires a person to use a pipe to suck in the weight launched by the vacuum tower, so that one person can control the trajectory to cause damage to the boss. The sea battle boss in the dollhouse requires two people to control the direction of the toy boat together and fire shells at the same time. As for the two-player cooperative game, one person is definitely not good enough to deal with the boss.

Although the game has so many variable abilities and level designs, it can be said to be very user-friendly in terms of difficulty. When one player dies, the game will not end. The dead player can be revived by pressing the Y key frantically. In addition, there are many save points in the game. There is a save point for each stage of the boss battle alone, so as long as the teammates have some game foundation, they can pass the game. If there is a level with some difficulty in the game, it is to escape from the pursuit of squirrels by taking a plane, because the direction of controlling the plane is reversed.

Rich game content

Under the excellent level design, there are also many interactive elements, such as the power supply in the shed can be used to pit each other. After one person enters the cannon in the toy house, another person can launch it to the stars. In addition, you can also smash Ross’s piggy bank in the toy house. When it comes to the snowball, you can also have snowball fights with your friends in the game while skating.

The previous work “Easter egg”.

In the game, there are no common collectibles to make things difficult for everyone. Instead, there are small games hidden in each chapter. These small games cover various fields such as pixel games, rhythm games, chess, etc. Among them, the small game of swinging and long jumping in the garden level reminds me of my childhood friends who also had the same operation. Compared with other games that require finding collectibles, this design makes it less boring for players to play the second playthrough.

Dangerous movements, do not imitate.

Is there any drawback to such a good game? If I have to say it, there are. The drawback is that the game itself does not provide AI teammates, only two-player play. In addition to supporting local two-player online play, the game also supports online remote play. Unlike other cooperative games, as long as one person purchases the game, the other person can play it for free. However, players who use it for free cannot unlock achievements.

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