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" Pascal's Contract: Ultimate Edition "graphic review

The story of “Pascal’s Pact” tells the story of the sun sinking into the underwater world due to natural disasters in ancient times and being shrouded in black fog. The appearance of the colossus dispelled the fog and became the only hope for human survival. For thousands of years after that, humans have been accompanying the colossus, but a plague broke out and the colossus fell one after another. The pioneer Terrence, who was exiled by the church, found that this plague seemed to have some connection with his wife who left himself many years ago. In order to trace the source of the plague and find his missing wife, Terrence began his journey.

In the game process, the male protagonist will take a carriage to various places. Each map has a Main Task running through the entire process. In addition to the Main Task, there are many anecdotes waiting for players to explore on each map. For example, at the mountaintop of Adamia, the protagonist Terrence will encounter five expectant mothers, and one conscious mother will ask the male protagonist to help find her daughter. In the ruins of Iselium in the third level, a knight who lost his head is waiting for his fiancée’s return. When the male protagonist meets the knight, the knight asks him to help find his wedding ring.

Due to the fact that “Pascal’s Contract: Ultimate Edition” was ported from Mobile End, its graphics performance is slightly behind that of the same period of games. If compared with other games, it can only reach the level of Dark Souls 1 or Dark Souls 2 reset version.

[Different soul like]

In terms of operation, this game abandons the traditional weapon system of Souls games and instead adds optional characters. In Pascal’s Contract: Ultimate Edition , there are a total of 5 characters to choose from. In addition to the different weapons used by each character, the skills of these characters are also unique. For example, Viola, the female gun, can switch between different types of bullets to output to enemies at any time, and Benita has the only vampire skill in the game.

Rationality is another feature of the game. When the polluter fights, the character’s rationality will be eroded. When the rationality drops below 50%, the manipulator will enter an abnormal state, and the huge color attribute will be affected in the abnormal state. If the rationality is cleared, the character will enter a state of collapse. In the state of collapse, the clone of the protagonist will appear in the map to chase the protagonist. If it enters a state of collapse when challenging a boss-level character, it will make it more powerful.

The production team also thoughtfully provided players with two difficulty options. If you are clumsy, you can choose the easy mode. If you still find the easy mode difficult, you can take a heavy egg to reduce the game difficulty again. Such a thoughtful design can really be said to be a blessing for clumsy players.

In addition to the reduced difficulty, road signs will also appear on the map

The obsession challenge is a popular BOSS RUSH segment. In the obsession challenge, the game provides players with two modes: self-selection and standard. In the self-selection mode, players can use the characters in their save files to choose their favorite difficulty level for challenge. In the standard mode, players need to use characters with specified level equipment for challenge and cannot change the difficulty level.

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