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"Phantom Pallu" review: The super charm of multiplayer online Pokémon

The first phenomenal work of 2024 is actually this weird Pokémon-like game?

In the weekend after its release alone, the online peak number of “Phantom Pallu” actually reached more than 1.2 million. You must know that at that time, it was considered a godsend and fell to Miyazaki Hidetaka’s masterpiece “Elden Ring” online. The peak number of users was only over 900,000, but “Phantom Beast Palu” surpassed them and ranked at the top of the online peak number list.

This is probably the unique charm of a Pokémon-like game that allows multiple people to explore and play online!

“Phantom Beast Parlu”, which perfectly sews a variety of gameplay and is priced at a low price, has undoubtedly become the first dark horse in 2024. The ultra-high initial sales of 4 million copies and the number of online users surpassed many masterpieces and are even rising. Even though there are still many inexplicable bugs and imperfections in the game, it still cannot stop players’ enthusiasm for “Phantom Parlu”, and they often bring the game server to a standstill.

Facts have proved that the reason why people do not become capitalists is because they do not have the conditions.

Becoming a great Palu trainer is of course the greatest goal of every adventurer who sets foot on this archipelago! Here, there are hundreds of different kinds of Palu for players to capture and train. Players can use the [Palu Ball] in their hands to capture wild Palu, and there are even powerful Palu in dungeons or tunnels. Of course, , and there are some that only exist in legends, hidden in the middle of glacial lakes, deep in deserts, or even in volcanoes, and no one can get a glimpse of the mysterious Palu…

It is a little regrettable that the fascinating mechanism of evolution has been canceled in “Phantom Beast Palu”, but don’t be too sad. Instead, “Phantom Beast Pallu” has added a powerful [breeding] Function. This is an incredible gameplay. As long as the gender of the Palu meets the requirements, then the two Palu can be bred at the [Breeding Ranch], and can even be “crossed” across the types of Palu, and finally get some unexpected results. outside the pallu.

Of course, excellent Paru can certainly give birth to more powerful offspring, and the talent and skill entries carried by the Paru will be inherited to future generations. Then, through the continuous breeding of the Paru, you can get perfect entries. Palu, this will also be the ultimate palu that trainers pursue. Keep moving forward to obtain the most powerful palu, palu trainers!
These traditional Pokémon-like gameplay are not all players can do with Pallu. Becoming a qualified big capitalist is the only way for every player here. Learning how to “exploit” one’s own Palu is the basic quality of trainers – to build a [stronghold] of their own and build it here Houses, and various facilities are set up, allowing the paru to work in different places according to their own specialties. The paru with [Sowing] adaptability can be sorted to [Wild Berry Farm] for sowing, and the ones with the Palu with the [Freezing] property can keep food fresh in the [Cold Box], which also allows the Palu to pick up machine gun weapons to protect the stronghold from poaching groups or powerful Palu that break into the stronghold.

Palus who work hard will occasionally have some minor problems, whether they are hungry or tired or sick, which will affect their work efficiency and make them languid. At this time, the trainers, as “slave owners” and “capitalists”, have to come up with various methods to restore the palu’s energy, such as taking medicine, feeding or soaking in hot springs.

It definitely does not include dismembering the paru into food and grilling it or letting them burn to death in the fire!
Becoming a brave adventurer is naturally the second goal of players. On the vast Paros Islands, there is a huge map waiting for players to explore, as well as different natural landscape areas such as snow mountains, volcanoes, deserts, etc. In these beautiful and extreme environments, there are two types of [high temperature] and [low temperature] Characteristics, players need to prepare cold-resistant or high-temperature-resistant clothing to cope with these extreme areas. There are also unique Parus distributed according to regional characteristics. If you want to obtain the ancient and powerful [Anubis], you must brave the high temperature. Danger, going deep into the uninhabited [Depth of the Desert]…

In addition, during the exploration, you will also find the [Green Leaf Rat Statue] that can increase the player’s catching power and the [Giant Vulture Statue] that allows players to shuttle between different areas. You can even find skill fruits that are full of fruits. The magical tree trunks and shiny [rare] paru, hidden dangers [poaching groups] and [dungeons] are everywhere, and there are mysterious [dungeons] for players to explore. The Paros Islands hide too many secrets and surprises, waiting for trainers to reveal the mystery behind it step by step.
In general, there are too many gameplay features in “Eidolon Parlu”. To put it bluntly, this is actually what players call “stitching”. From Pokémon-like gameplay, open world adventure gameplay, and survival and construction gameplay, many classic and popular gameplays have been added to the game. Slowly Slowly, it became the “Phantom Beast Palu” in the eyes of players.

However, the stitching of “Eidolon Parlu” is undoubtedly successful. These gameplays are combined to form a chemical reaction that makes players addicted. Its content and playability are so rich and interesting that the game makers are very interested in it. They have a certain degree of understanding and their own opinions on these gameplays. They know how to copy and combine these excellent gameplays and present them to players.

It’s fun to sew, and players will also pay for it. But this may not be a good thing for some similar competing products.

The game content mentioned above is not all of “Phantom Parlu”.

“Phantom Parlu” supports online games, making the entire game even more popular. No one can refuse to explore this magical world full of paloos with their good friends, and manage and build their own utopia.
The highest configuration of the game is friends. This sentence is an eternal truth.

Compared with the Pokémon series, which has so little online content that it even seems to be imposed, “Pokémon Pallu” benefited from its choice of open world adventure as the game carrier, directly opened up the online mode, and can even support up to 32 People are online at the same time.
In the same Palu world, players who enter the world can establish different [Guilds] as their own forces. They can not only build adventures together, challenge powerful BOSS, but also “fight” if they disagree, and start a happy life. PVP mode.

I believe that the highly playable online mode content of “Phantom Parlu” can achieve such a high online peak number of people.
Support each other with your friends to complete the entire Paros Islands adventure. This is not only an ordinary game, but also a warm adventure of mutual support. Players have gained a common playing experience in “Phantom Pallu” that is different from the two games of “The Legend of Zelda” and “Pokémon Series”. It satisfies the desire of thousands of players to play online. , just like water to the dying person on the verge of thirst, maybe “Phantom Beast Palu” is not the best, but it must come when the players desire it most.

However, I have to mention that as a game produced by a small game studio, the lack of labor and financial costs leaves many unsatisfactory content in “Eidolon Parlu”, especially the game is full of There are many bizarre bugs, which greatly affect the experience.
For example, players have been complaining about the stuck mode, as well as the friction and collision of many map models, as well as the placement problems at different angles and positions when building houses. These are all problems that urgently need to be discovered and solved by the producers, which greatly affect the players’ gaming experience.

Secondly, there is the optimization of the feel. Almost every player who plays the game will report that the protagonist controlled by the player in the game has stiff movements and appears very unsmooth. The pallu will also get stuck or have other unspeakable problems due to a series of reasons such as terrain. problems mentioned.
But the flaws are not concealed. These problems are understandable for a smaller game studio. After all, the game has not yet reached the final product stage. The producer also told players in the game that the game will also undergo a large number of updates and optimizations. . In this test version, the terrifying sales volume and online number of people shown by “Eidolon Parlu” will definitely allow the studio to get more support to polish the quality of the game and make it better.

No matter what, “Phantom Parlu” is definitely the most worthy game for players to experience in the spring of 2024, and it is also the best game selection list for players before the holidays – maybe words can be deceiving, but Data doesn’t.

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