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Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered PC Review: Cute Little Spider

Sony’s another exclusive masterpiece, “Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered,” will be launched on the PC platform this month. Similar to several previous Sony ports, the PC version of “Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered” provides additional screen setting options, including NVIDIA DLSS performance improvements, frame rate unlocking, more screen settings, and ray tracing reflection options, and is compatible with mouse and controller devices. In addition, the PC version also includes all the content of the “Nightless City” DLC. Next, we will bring you the gaming experience of the PC version of “Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered”.

The game stage of “Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered” is set in Manhattan, New York in 2018. Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for 8 years. After leaving the Daily Bugle, Parker worked as an assistant in Dr. Otto’s laboratory. At the same time, as Spider-Man, he did not forget to carry out crime-fighting operations under the guidance of his police friend Watanabe Yuri.

Compared to the original version, Peter Parker’s face model in the remake uses the image of Ben Jordan

This time we used a configuration of 3080 + i5 10600K to experience the game. Without turning on ray tracing and image quality options, the frame number of the game can be maintained at around 90-100 frames per second at 2K resolution. However, if the ray tracing effect is turned on to the highest, the frame number remains at around 40 frames per second, and the game has experienced several crashes. The ray tracing effect has significantly improved the picture performance, but some scenes and object material details look a bit rough.

Compared with other superheroes, Spider-Man’s biggest feature is to rely on spider silk to shuttle flexibly between tall buildings, which is similar to a swing-like large swing, full of visual impact and accelerated heartbeat under the guidance of inertia. Pleasure.

The spider silk swing in the game is very easy to operate, and you can make powerful and performative posture movements through simple button cooperation. At the same time, there are a large number of anchor point designs on various building surfaces. With these anchor points for sprinting and connecting swing movements, the experience is very smooth.

The combat system of this game is close to the “Batman Arkham” series. Spider-Man’s combat style is quite flexible, and it can quickly entangle enemies by shooting through spider webs. The continuous attacks are interspersed with a series of operations such as entanglement, floating dragon, and perfect evasion. It can also control the field and maneuver with scene elements such as walls and boxes, making the fight both enjoyable and entertaining.

If you don’t want to attack head-on, you can also quietly hang an unprepared enemy on a pole

Focus is a very important combat resource in the game, and players need to accumulate it through continuous attack combos. Consuming focus can be used to restore health, and when it is full, it can release a finishing skill with a close-up screen. The finishing skill immediately knocks down an enemy. For those difficult opponents who carry weapons for defense, using the finishing skill to kill them is a good choice. How to quickly accumulate focus, and whether it is used for execution or recovery, depends on the player’s experience and judgment.

In addition to boxing and kicking, Spider-Man is also equipped with a large number of combat devices, such as spider web launcher, impact spider web, spider drone, etc. Players can match according to their own needs and usage habits. These different styles of combat devices make the combat style more free and changeable.

The linkage suit of the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home” in the remake

The game provides about 20 sets of Spider-Man suits, which are basically based on previous Spider-Man movies and comics. Most suits come with unique suit abilities when unlocked, such as the punk suit’s rock and roll, which can shock all enemies around with a wide range of AOE moves. The MKII suit can unlock bulletproof abilities, which can resist all bullet attacks when turned on… With shareable suit modification components, the combination of suits is quite diverse.

Little Spider has three sets of skill trees. By adding points, players can unlock new moves and passive effects. Each set of skill trees has its own characteristics. [Innovator] focuses on weapon acquisition, aerial attacks, and related moves and derivatives, [Defender] focuses on evasive actions, and [Spider Shooter] mostly strengthens elements such as spider web entanglement. The design concept of the skill tree is not much different from other games, and the skill points can be basically maxed out in the later stage, so players do not need to worry about which route to take.

In addition, the PC version of “Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered” also supports DUALSHOCK4 (PS4), DUALSENSE (PS5), and other types of controllers. Using the DUALSENSE controller to experience the game is still the best choice. For example, when using devices such as spider web launchers, the controller will have special sounds and vibrations. When the spider web sticks to the anchor point and pulls, the trigger will also have a damping feeling… As for keyboard and mouse operations, the key layout is reasonable, but it is still more refreshing to use the controller for swinging and parkour experiences.

The map of this game mainly covers the Manhattan area. Landmarks such as the Empire State Building and Central Park are presented on the map, as well as special buildings from Marvel works such as the Avengers Building and the O’Neal Building. With a good field of vision and the arrangement of high-rise buildings, players will be amazed by the bustling and realistic Manhattan area while cruising over the city and looking at the distant scenery.

However, the gorgeous city exterior of the game lacks some vitality. Most of the buildings in the city do not have indoor scenes and exploration content, and players can only shuttle on the “surface of the city” most of the time. Pedestrians on the road only make mechanical repetitive reactions and conversations, and there are not many interactive elements on the street except for manhole covers and garbage cans that can be lifted.

The game’s exploration design is similar to the Assassin’s Creed and Infamous Second Son series. By repairing the tower, you can unlock the surrounding map information. Red exclamation marks represent criminal events, and green backpack points can collect collectibles about Parker’s past experiences. Collecting these items and events can earn token rewards for making armor and modifying devices. However, the game’s open-world design is relatively formulaic, and the exploration and collection experience in the middle and later stages inevitably feels a bit repetitive and monotonous.

The PC version of “Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered” has made corresponding adaptations based on PC in terms of graphics and operation. In terms of game content, the PS5 remake only changed Peter Parker’s face image and added a movie-linked battle suit. The PC version basically copied the PS5 remake without any additions.

For players who have not tried this game on the console platform before, the game is still worth a try. The smooth fighting experience, coupled with the excellent swing and parkour system, is believed to be worth the ticket price.

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