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OlliOlli World Review: A Dance Game About Skateboarding

Considering that I have never played skateboarding, I refused to play the game “OlliOlli World” after learning that the DLC was released. Not only me, but also my friends have no intention of experiencing this game. Also, don’t think of this game as “Oreo” and “Oreo”, “Oreo” is actually a basic skill in skateboarding.

Not wanting to play is not because the game is bad, on the contrary, I have heard of “OlliOlli World” before because of the 9-point reviews on IGN and Gamespot. If it were in my daily life, I would have gone to experience it long ago. The main reason for being discouraged this time is the theme.

Skateboarding games are very hardcore in the general player group’s impression, with various professional terms emerging endlessly and various fancy tricks with extremely high difficulty. It is more like an emulator than a game. Moreover, not only this “OlliOlli World”, but most skateboarding games do not support keyboards, only controllers, which can be said to be full of discouraging buffs.

Because of this, in my inherent impression, the target group of skateboarding games must be mainly skateboarders. I don’t know anything, and most of the time I stay away from such games.

But I really didn’t expect that as an outsider to skateboarding, I could also happily play “OlliOlli World”. The whole game process did not feel bored or discouraged by some difficult actions . Unconsciously, I played most of the game itself and started the DLC.

Looking back now, this is largely due to the game’s relaxed and humorous graphics and plot, as well as the game’s step-by-step tutorial. The former aroused my interest, while the latter eliminated barriers.

The scenes and various characters in the low-polygon graphics of the game, the low saturation colors, and the light and dynamic music left a very deep impression on me at first sight.

The game’s rich decoration options allow you to play “Ori Nuan Nuan”

As a hardcore game, there are many technical points in the game, such as wall climbing, bridge jumping, landing, rotation, and a large number of flipping actions. Therefore, the game tutorial continues until the fourth themed map. It should be noted that there are only five main maps in total, and the learning process accounts for 80%. Such a long battle line undoubtedly reduces the degree of discouragement at first sight of the game.

However, the main reason why this game allows me to quickly get started is because the main gameplay of the game is the familiar parkour to most players.

To be honest, there is almost no learning cost to get started with this game. At the beginning, you only need to turn the left joystick and jump over obstacles. Even in the later stages of the game, you don’t need to pay attention to some tricks. Players can still simply turn the joystick and enter the command of “jump” to pass the level. Have you played “Ski Adventure “? “OlliOlli World” is that simple.

Even in the later stages of the game, the density of “jumps” is greatly increased, and there are also many save points set in each level. When you accidentally make a mistake, just tap the “Y” key and you can immediately continue playing from the nearest save point. With excellent graphics and relaxing music, you can easily become addicted and start trying again and again.

Of course, this game is not simple, and it also supports keyboard operation. Tutorials account for a large part of the game’s main level. Although these are just some advanced skills and will not affect your passing, during the game, I always unconsciously try to play a few tricks to get higher scores. From this perspective, this game has almost no difficulty limit.

This is enough to meet the needs of hardcore players

The three major action systems in the game, takeoff, wall climbing, and bridge jumping, are not difficult in themselves, but if you want to cooperate with a series of actions in the sky, you need to complete a series of maneuvers. Coupled with the game’s landing, bridge jumping, and timing judgment, I always lose sight of one thing while playing and feel flustered. In my opinion, just challenging to complete level achievements in “OlliOlli World” is already very difficult.

After completing the daily level challenge, you can unlock various decorations, but I personally don’t care about collecting skin props

It can be said that “OlliOlli World” is a model that is easy to pass but difficult to master. If you want to pass the game itself, you don’t need too much time. But the game’s refreshing rhythm and cool actions will constantly drive you to play different tricks in the air. Looking at the fast zooming and moving camera, every time at this time, I always want to do some tricks to live up to such scenery. This pursuit of speed and cool actions by players themselves makes this game even more fascinating.

And this kind of quick push of the horizontal bar has been well continued and strengthened in the new DLC “Void Knight” of the game.

Unlike the previous five game maps, the DLC, with the theme of “aliens”, introduces the mechanism of UFO levitation, which has nothing to do with real skateboarding but is very “game”. Players can rise in the area illuminated by UFO rays, that is, UFO rays have attractive force. The newly added mechanism is just that simple.

Although simple, the game has stronger expressive power.

On the one hand, players present an overall downward trend in the main map, and the center of the screen cannot be well presented. However, in DLC, thanks to the mechanism of “rising”, the horizontal drop of the entire level of the game is not large, and the central area of the screen can be well represented.

On the other hand, the overall scene of the DLC is more fragmented and dreamy. Many paths will only be generated when they are in front of you, and even only appear when you fall. This greatly enhances the tension and excitement of the game.

Therefore, the difficulty of the game DLC is higher than that of the main body, after all, the rhythm of the overall level is tighter, and the performance is more exciting. Some DLC levels directly cancel all save points for the overall viewing experience and difficulty, requiring players to be fluent and complete it in one go.

Therefore, the prerequisite for starting the game DLC – completing half of the game itself – is a matter of course. From a technical perspective, it is essential to warm up to more than 20 beginner levels if you want to enjoy playing the DLC. Especially since there is no save point in the last level of the DLC, it is not easy for me to just pass it.

Players need to reach “Route 66” on the third map to activate the DLC.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that many level goals in the game have undergone some changes compared to the main body. Some levels no longer require completion conditions such as “reaching the finish line”, but require players to collect enough items or perform enough actions in a reciprocating map.

Overall, the style of the entire DLC is more relaxed and lively compared to the main body. It is not only no longer confined to reality in the plot, but also introduces the theme of aliens. The game’s own mechanism is also no longer confined to skateboarding. The introduction of floating air undoubtedly takes the game’s viewing and excitement to a new level. Such a further step in line with the game’s positioning undoubtedly adds luster to the entire work.

In addition, from the perspective of level volume, the level of DLC is somewhat insufficient. For players who have already completed more than ten levels, it may only take two to three hours to complete them. I am not satisfied with the size of DLC. However, just like the main body, the “easy to pass, difficult to master” game mechanism of DLC based on the main body has not changed. The leaderboard system in the game can still record the scores obtained by players from all over the world in each level.

The maps of the DLC are distributed on small maps of various themes

Overall, the DLC of “OlliOlli World” has made innovations in terms of theme and mechanism compared to the original game. Although not much, it is still commendable given that the game itself is already complete and excellent enough. Thanks to this, the game level is also more compact and exciting. Unfortunately, the content of the DLC is slightly less. In my opinion, the DLC content that costs more than ten yuan per hour is a bit expensive.

However, the quality of the DLC itself is impeccable, and both beginners and experienced players can enjoy it. Experienced players can rest assured to purchase DLC to continue their “Ori journey”. As for new players, it is too early to say DLC, but if you are a fan of parkour games and have been discouraged by the theme or name of this game before, starting to play from the original game is also a good choice. After all, there is no threshold to get started with this game. As your first skateboarding game, it is the perfect choice.

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