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FIFA 22 Review: The gaming experience is okay, no major issues

After playing “FIFA22” for an afternoon, I opened “FIFA21” again when I got home. Looking at the familiar spokesperson Mbappe on the game interface, I couldn’t remember which generation I played in the afternoon.

If you are a loyal player of “FIFA”, “NBA2K”, and “COD” at the same time, then you will definitely empathize with my illusion. It may be that this type of game has reached a bottleneck in the process of continuous development, or it may be that the annual update has made players desensitized to the “new work” to a certain extent. In short, this generation of “FIFA22” can still be described as minor repairs, without seeking breakthroughs or making any mistakes.

Of course, after experiencing it, some of the small details I felt in “FIFA22” do reflect EA’s precise skills in the word “repair”.

First of all, it should be noted that in terms of game modes, there are no new additions to FIFA22 this time, as everyone expected. The fast-paced game mode, the UT mode that is more enjoyable when you spend money, and the career mode that is more enjoyable than many RPGs, including the highly praised streetball mode in the first two games, have all been inherited.

However, this time in the fast game, women’s professional league can be chosen, which is also a good thing to face female players.

In fact, in the information released by EA, they said that the next generation version is quite “goose girl”, using more advanced motion capture technology, more intelligent machine AI learning and imitating star players, learning from 8.70 million frames of game data and improving the player’s experience of manipulating players, the goalkeeper system has been rewritten, and the player talent system has also been greatly improved.

However, in reality, in the game, it can still be described with a joke from Chinese commentators Su Dong and Wang Tao – “It’s incredible how he scored with his sense of balance.”

Evolved, but not fully evolved

For “FIFA22”, the changes that players expect and the core changes in the official mouth are not consistent. As a player, I would like to share with you what comfortable “small patches” have been added to “FIFA22”.

For example, “FIFA22” enhances each mode based on its original experience.

The very wild and entertaining street football mode “Volta” is a new mode introduced in “FIFA20”, and its style has become even more wild in this generation.

FIFA22 introduces a new “signature action” system for this mode, which allows players to pre-select one of their players from “strength”, “speed”, and “skill”. The corresponding signature action in the game can use more fancy moves, and the game is more entertaining. All the way in the street football game, you can also meet many star-faced players. Winning the game can also subdue them as your own help.

The career mode is a breakthrough in the role-playing sense, which makes people more immersive. Compared with “FIFA21”, which improves the numerical training of players and simulates the management of the team based on the performance of the field, “FIFA22” opens the pattern to the level of operating the club.

A club can customize everything from the team emblem, jersey, team song, to customizing the stadium and the identity you play in the game.

The biggest pleasure of building a club is that you can choose your own players, but you don’t need to grind or spend money like UT mode, and the freedom of building a club in career mode is higher. For players who enjoy long-term development, you can choose to start from the Chinese Super League, with a system-generated three-star player “dominating the world”, and then step into higher-level competitions one by one. Of course, if you just want to experience the happiness of a rich second generation of a wealthy club, you can also give yourself a budget of 1 billion yuan, and then buy star players with a large hand, directly advance to the Premier League to prepare for the Champions League, and welcome the peak.

This is also the most interesting change in the gameplay of FIFA22. You can completely put aside online battles and imagine that Van Dijk cannot play in the European Cup this year due to injury. With a wave of your hand, you will buy a Van Dijk with the same name and similar attributes during the transfer period, let him play as a forward, let “Messi” be the goalkeeper, and send “Donnarumma” to play as a center-back. Watching each player struggle in their weakest field, you can completely build a set of top-tier lineups and achieve results in the Chinese Super League.

The UT mode, which already takes care of both “liver” and “krypton”, becomes even more… you know what I mean in FIFA22.

Its progress is reflected in the introduction of the new FUT Heroes card, which allows unforgettable players to return to the green field. The hero card does not have a club, only nationality and league. As long as the nationality or league is the same as the hero card, you can get the green line. However, the above is copied from the official introduction. After all, as an African like me, I only play for an afternoon, how can I enjoy playing with national players like Campos and Gomez?

In addition to the progress of the game mode, “FIFA22” has a richer post-match technical statistics, detailed to the point where it is like the data that coaches can get. Starting from the post-match technical statistics interface, players can compare their performance between themselves and their opponents more intuitively and in more detail from ball control rate, shooting, passing and defensive success rate.

This generation also has more visual effects, by capturing the player’s movement trajectory, the player is of great help.

The new player data statistics interface allows you to better understand each player’s contribution to the team, and provides detailed data statistics for individuals in the ball control, shooting, passing, defense, and goalkeeper interfaces.

Finding your own weaknesses as a player makes it easier to learn how to improve.

Let’s talk more about the performance of the next generation of FIFA22, which cannot be upgraded for free in the “Standard Edition”. After all, the poor performance of FIFA21, which provided free next-generation upgrades last year, made players somewhat regretful.

To be honest, there is still nothing particularly surprising or worth discussing about in this next-generation version, because the passing and shooting keys are tied to the ○ □ × △. In FIFA22, shooting and passing cannot use Dualsense’s Self-Adaptation trigger to give the most accurate feedback. The tactile feedback vibration of the handle also seems somewhat invisible, and there is almost no difference between stealing, passing, and shooting from different angles.

During the game, fans will have a special vibration frequency and sensation when cheering, making their presence stronger.

If you just want to enjoy a relaxed and realistic football game, then I would recommend FIFA22 to you. It is indeed the best football game in the world. It has the most luxurious league authorization, the richest game modes, and the top-notch physics engine and AI. Even if you have never played this game or understand the rules of football, you can fall in love with the sport of football in this smooth improvement process from beginner to expert.

The hardcore system paired with easy-to-understand gameplay is the advantage of “FIFA22” and even the entire “FIFA” series. You have no choice, it doesn’t want to change, there’s nothing you can do about it.

In addition, in order to show that this “FIFA22” still only did a little “small work”, I also included a screenshot of the game “FIFA21” in this review. I wonder if any true fans can find it.

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