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Orcs Must Die! 3 "graphic review: retains the original flavor

The story of Orcs Must Die! 3 takes place 20 years after the previous generation. The battle mage and witch rebuild the order of the world, but soon the ghost Warwick returns with the army of orcs. This time, players will operate the witch Kelsey and the battle mage apprentice Egan, two newbies, to resist the invasion.

This work continues the previous humorous and humorous style. The two protagonists usually joke around and cooperate with each other in battles, gradually developing a tacit understanding in the confrontation with the orcs. As the focus of the game is not on plot development, the overall script is an ordinary American fantasy hero story.

The gameplay of the game also inherits the characteristics of the first two works… Well, to put it bluntly, there are not many changes in this work compared to the previous generation. You can regard ” Orcs Must Die! 3 ” as an extended version of the second generation, and the following introduction The content is believed to be familiar to the old players of the series.

In the game, players can set up various traps, turning the entire scene into a giant “meat grinder” for slaughtering orcs. Watching groups of orcs rush into the traps one after another and be crushed into pieces; using their longbows and swords to knock down orcs in large numbers can still bring great pleasure to players.

In addition to the main campaign, the game also features an endless mode with constantly increasing monsters, weekly challenges with different rules, and more.

The map level is quite substantial in terms of quantity. In the game, completing standard difficulty campaigns is considered mastering the basics of the game. If you want to further experience the fun of strategic tower defense, you have to try modes such as level-breaking, endless, and weekly challenges.

As a strategy tower defense game, traps are naturally the core element of the game. Including the giant traps that can only be used in war scenes, there are more than 40 types of traps in this game. The types of traps are quite rich, in addition to the differences in range, range, damage, and setting areas. Piercing, ejection, stun, freezing, slowing, ignition, explosion, lure and other effects are all available.

The roadblock is still useful.

Players can set traps with different types of damage based on the enemy’s weaknesses. For example, trolls with regenerative properties do not deal ideal damage to them with general physical traps. However, trolls are weak in fire and lightning, so we can set traps that can cause fire and lightning damage, such as electric shock chandeliers and sulfur fields, so that we can quickly kill them.

The types of enemies that appear in the game are not few, and their characteristics and weaknesses are also different. With the support of rich traps, players can choose from a wide range of strategies to deal with them. However, whether it is elemental monsters that can split or various ogres and orcs, they are basically monsters that existed in the previous game, and they cannot bring too much “surprise” to veteran players.

These purple-skinned fire demons are a new type of enemy added in the third generation. However, except for their weakness attribute, their action mode is not much different from that of ordinary orcs.

On the other hand, players need to consider the terrain structure of the level and the enemy’s travel route. For example, setting up a marksman at a high place can make her firepower range radiate more widely; or setting up some turning routes through roadblocks, and focusing on the area where the enemy repeatedly passes to improve the utilization rate of traps.

The combat strategy in the campaign is to prioritize blocking routes that can be blocked by roadblocks. For levels where routes cannot be blocked, players need to grasp the order in which enemies appear at each entrance and arrange traps to clear them in order. Relatively speaking, several challenge modes with conditions are more fun, such as the “Coin Color” level where players do not have funds to start with, and the level terrain is well-connected. Players need to shuttle through various areas, quickly break through enemies to set up defenses, and the experience is more like an action shooting game.

In addition to traps, characters also play a significant role in combat. Due to the presence of Cool Down in the triggering of traps, and the rich attack routes of enemies in many maps, players need to manipulate characters to fill the “blind spots” and “loopholes” of traps in combat.

Players can use multiple characters in the game, and the differences between characters are mainly reflected in the initial weapons and special skills. However, most of the characters’ special skills are very useless, and weapons can also be mixed, so the experience difference is not large. For example, Kelsey’s special skill is to make himself hover in mid-air, but the height of the hover is very low and cannot be used to avoid the attack of melee enemies, nor will it bring other additional benefits. Except for occasional terrain crossing and some acrobatic gameplay, it does not play a big role. Fortunately, the variety of weapons and accessories is relatively rich, and the operation space of characters is mainly reflected in the characteristics of weapons and accessories and the use of skills.

The player can control Kelsey to use special skills when jumping from a height, so that he can hover in the air. However, after the MP is consumed, Kelsey cannot move.

War Scene is a new level mode added to this game. The map area of these levels is much larger than that of normal levels, and includes large outdoor areas. In addition, the number of enemies is far greater than that of normal levels. However, players do not need to worry about being unable to resist. The initial capital of the war scene is several times higher than that of normal levels, and players can also use powerful giant traps and equipment. These “big guys” can better deal with groups of orcs, but giant traps can only be placed outdoors. If orcs attack indoor scenes, players still need to use general small traps to defend.

The strong performance of giant traps also makes the difficulty of some war scenes much easier than ordinary levels. Take the giant catapult board for example, as the name suggests, it is a trap that can bounce enemies in the area. The control range of the giant catapult board is about 9 grids, but the price is only 1100. You should know that the cheapest spike trap in the game costs 300 yuan, and it costs 2700 yuan to cover 9 grids. Moreover, the catapult board can directly kill the minions outside the field. With more starting capital, giant traps have a very high cost performance, which can quickly solve the general minions. Players only need to focus on cleaning up the escaped fish and large bosses, and the combat experience will be much easier.

In addition, although the terrain structure of the war scene is designed to be complex, there are often not many areas that players need to effectively utilize in single-player mode. The first reason is the giant traps mentioned earlier, whose strong performance may cause enemies to be eliminated before they can penetrate into the rear area, so players do not need to consider the scene utilization of these areas. The second reason is that because the area of the scene is large, players’ money is limited, and the defense line is basically not spread out. Concentrating on key areas to block the enemy often has a better effect.

For example, in the main campaign, there is a level called the Mage Tower. The towers in the scene are several layers high. If you want to set traps in all layers, it will undoubtedly make the defense line very loose, making it easy to miss enemies. Players will also be exhausted from running back and forth during battles. In addition, due to the lack of a macro operating system, it is relatively more time-consuming and laborious for players to set and adjust traps in war scenes.

Although I mentioned some shortcomings, my experience in the war scene was not bad. When facing the orcs all over the mountains and fields, it was very refreshing and spectacular to watch the archer’s array of arrows and the ammunition of the artillery kill the enemy in patches. These cannot be experienced in small-scale normal levels.

” Orcs Must Die! 3 basically inherits the characteristic gameplay of the previous generation, and the progress of the game in terms of graphics and UI is limited. Although the types of enemies and traps are rich, many of them are based on the design of the second generation, so there is not much change.

However, the advantage lies in the good foundation of the series, and similar experiences are rare in tower defense games. Therefore, even updating maps and traps on the original basis can still bring players a lot of fun.

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