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F1 2021 Review: The Most Authentic F1 Driving Experience

The story of “F1 2021” tells the story of young United Kingdom driver Aiden Jackson leaving his name in racing history with a first place finish in the final race of the 2019 Formula 2 Championship. After topping the Formula 2 driver standings, Aiden Jackson has now secured a place in Formula 1 and participated in the Australia Grand Prix a few months later. The competition between F1 rookie Aiden Jackson and teammate Caspar Ackerman and rival Devin Butler also began.

In the story of “Brake Point”, players need to choose one of Honda Toro Rosso, Aston Martin Kochi, Alpha Coefficient Romeo Oran, Ural Kayijas, and Williams teams. No matter which team you join, the game will tell you an exciting story from a different perspective.

In terms of plot, “F1 2021” uses CG performances interspersed with text to narrate the plot, and the image quality is slightly improved compared to the previous game. In addition, after completing each chapter, players can also see F1 event reports, their own social media, and email in the lounge. For example, after Aiden Jackson signed with the new team, they could see reports saying “Aiden Jackson is a comprehensive genius, undoubtedly one of the best new star drivers I have ever seen.”

In ” F1 2021 “, Chinese dubbing was added for the first time. Although there were no professional commentators like Wang Tao and Zhan Jun invited by FIFA, it was exciting to hear conversations like “Follow him, he may make mistakes” and “Don’t be too reckless, you must overtake cleanly, otherwise you will be punished” during the race. The official efforts are also worthy of recognition. As for the quality of the dubbing this time, it can only be said to be slightly awkward.

The game currently has career mode, single player mode, and multiplayer games available for play. In the highly acclaimed ten-year “career mode”, a new two-player career gameplay has been added for the first time. In the two-player career mode, you can participate in the entire Formula One 2021 professional race with your friends. In the process of reaching the top of the driver and manufacturer standings, the two of you can compete or cooperate. As for players who are keen on single-player careers, the game has added a new “real season start”, which means you can choose to start from a specific weekend of the 2021 Formula One season. The standings will be the same as the real race, and the more real events completed, the more starting points you will have.

Since we mentioned single player and career mode, we cannot ignore the optional teams and drivers in the game. In addition to the five teams mentioned in the previous plot mode, there are also 16 teams in career mode for players to choose from. Among these more than 20 teams, in addition to the well-known World Formula One Championship teams, there are also Formula 2 teams, which is F2. I believe that even friends who do not often pay attention to F1 races can recognize one or two of these teams with their logos.

Single-player mode and multiplayer mode have not changed much compared to career mode. In single-player mode, in addition to the exciting “brake point” mentioned earlier, there are also Grand Prix races and time trials. Multiplayer mode retains the highly acclaimed split-screen feature from the previous game, allowing you and your friends to have fun on one computer. As for the F1 E-sports competition, it will be launched later this winter, and players can check the latest E-sports news and watch the new F1 E-sports challenge and professional series in the game.

F1 E-sports will be launched later

In addition to numerous modes, the game also has a rich customization system. Players can create teams and change the players’ clothing, expressions, and racing costumes according to their preferences. As for the in-game costumes, costumes, expressions, and other props, players need to obtain them through the store or podium. In terms of the store, the game adopts a time-limited setting and is divided into daily and weekly items. Players can choose their favorite items according to the changes in the store. As for the podium system, it is similar to the “pass” in other games. Players can earn rewards by accumulating experience and upgrading. The difference is that the VIP version of this game’s podium can be purchased with game coins, while the VIP version has richer rewards compared to the free version. It can be said that players can get a lot of rewards without spending money.

As a hardcore simulation game, since the appearance of the series, it can be said that no racing game has been more difficult to get started than the F1 series. Some friends may say that it’s just running a straight line and turning a corner. What’s so difficult? But because the game truly restores F1 sports, players also need to pay attention to changes in the track, car damage and other parameters when driving. In addition, the game also details the layout of the F1 track and the road shoulders on the track. After this update, players will become smoother when driving the car on the road shoulder than before. Overall, this “F1 2021” maintains the series’ consistent real and hardcore racing experience.

In addition to the changes in the in-game track and physical mechanism, players can also choose their own racing style and the real performance of the car in the game. In the casual mode style, players can experience the simplest and most convenient driving experience, while the reverse gear style provides the highest customizable F1 experience. As for the real performance of the car, if the player chooses the same performance, all vehicle performance will maintain a fixed style and will not be affected by the team. Under the real performance option, the game will more restore the real racing experience, and the selected vehicle will be affected by the team.

Since it is a realistic F1 racing game, the energy recovery system, R & D system, multi-function display and air resistance balance system are all essential. Take the R & D system as an example. If you want to win in Formula One all the way , it is crucial to keep up with the pace of the R & D competition. In the game, players can use points to develop the four departments of the vehicle’s transmission system, chassis, aerodynamic shape and durability. The longer the time spent on research, the greater the performance improvement after success. Some players may think that they cannot understand the various systems in F1. There is a complete system tutorial in “F1 2021”. Players can check their choice of tires, how to manage fuel, and how to use the air resistance balance system on the track at any time in the game.

Even if the controller is used in this F1 2021, it will bring players a good gaming experience. The vibration generated by the controller during the driving process can allow players to better experience the friction between the car and the track, and the trigger key can better control the acceleration and deceleration of the car. As for the keyboard control, it is still somewhat anti- human compared to the previous two.

Finally, the game divides the difficulty into three categories: normal with all supports suitable for the newbie series, challenges that provide a balanced experience, and difficulties that test driving skills. Players can switch at any time in the game, but because the game has a realistic driving experience, even normal difficulty poses a certain challenge to newbies, and they may even be tortured to death in the prologue. Once you get started, the enjoyable experience of driving an F1 car is self-evident!

There is always one difficulty level that suits you

The F1 series is different from racing games such as “Need for Speed” and “Horizon”. There are no nitrogen, drift, or other cool systems in the game, which can be said to be very hardcore. However, it is precisely because of its unique charm that it attracts a group of players who love F1 racing and racing games. As one of the few F1 racing games on the market, the addition of the two-player career mode and the exciting plot mode “Brake Point” greatly enhances the fun of the game. It is hoped that the Chinese dubbing of the next game can be improved.

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