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"Rise and Fall" Review: Brainstorming to Build Warships in a Realistic Ocean

Do you still remember that at the WeGame Game Testing Festival on March 5, 2020, the naval physics sandbox game “Sea of Craft” developed by Wuduan Technology stood out among many games and topped the trial list, becoming a dark horse among domestic games that year.

After two years of continuous updates and optimization by the production team, the early access version of “Rise and Fall” will be officially released on Steam and WeGame platforms at 12:00 Beijing time on April 29th. This highly anticipated domestic game is finally about to appear in front of players.

“Rise and Fall” is a sandbox game based on physics simulation of ocean construction. Players can use more than 100 materials to create unique exclusive ships, explore interesting levels, win the top of the leaderboard, and even challenge enemy ships, islands, and monsters. Realistic ocean simulation and healing scene sound effects, construct a super artistic sea space, and bring a wonderful immersive experience.

Although in terms of gameplay and construction mode, “Rise and Fall” can easily be regarded as the “sea version of” Siege “, after experiencing it, I found that the game is not only limited to learning from other excellent games of the same kind, but also has its own unique innovation. Compared with the traditional land construction, the way of building ships in” Rise and Fall “on the sea gives players a sense of freshness, but also brings more challenging physical balance simulation.

Detailed “emulator”

As a physical sandbox game, the more realistic the physical effects, the stronger the immersion. When experiencing the game “Rise and Fall”, I found that the game restores the ocean very realistically, it can be said to be an “ocean emulator”.

When I first entered the game, in the simple and easy-to-understand beginner tutorial, I found that in the process of driving the ship, every wave surge will bring different directions of thrust to the ship. The meticulous ocean simulation and physical effects bring an exceptionally realistic gaming experience.

As the saying goes, ‘If you learn physics well, you won’t be afraid to travel all over the world.’ Unfortunately, my knowledge of physics is not very sufficient, so I encountered many obstacles during the early stages of the trip. Often, I would “flip over” just after sailing a certain distance after building a boat. However, as I progressed to the solo level, I gradually learned some “tips” for building boats.

Because it is sailing on the sea, players should not only pay attention to the balance of the ship itself when building vehicles, but also pay attention to the influence of the uncertain factor of ” buoyancy “. Players need to always pay attention to whether the buoyancy of the vehicle is greater than or equal to gravity during the construction process. If it is overweight, the ship will sink directly to the bottom of the sea.

Similarly, the factor of “gravity” is also particularly important on the sea surface.

After repeated attempts, I found that if the vehicle is not so easy to overturn, it is best to constantly adjust the center of gravity of the ship and try to balance it in the center.

The center of gravity cannot be too off

How to display the center of gravity? Actually, it’s very simple. Just click on the “Advanced Information” button on the right side of the interface and click on the “Show Center of Gravity” button.

Here, we have to mention the game’s meticulous construction system. It can be said that the game is not only a “ocean emulator”, but also an “editing tool emulator”.

In the construction mode, the game provides a complete set of editing tools – on the right side of the screen, there are some buttons for adjusting the details of the ship. By clicking the buttons, you can bring up various modes. For example, you can click the “Move” button to display the 3D axis of the object and make fine adjustments; you can also use the “Merge” button to combine objects into one, which is convenient for subsequent operations.

Although these modeling-like buttons may seem complicated at first glance, they are still very handy after getting used to them. At the same time, perhaps for the sake of building more conveniently and quickly, the game also provides many shortcuts: [ctrl + z] can undo operations, and [left mouse button + alt] can eliminate items, etc. In addition, there are many shortcuts. It can be said that as long as you spend a certain amount of time building, after proficient use, the game’s building system is still very handy to use (especially when building large ships).

In such a sophisticated construction system, players can choose from a variety of items.

Various weapons (even melee weapons) can be said to meet the expectations of arms enthusiasts, and the flexible combination of weapons also brings more possibilities to combat. In actual action, players can also flexibly switch weapon types by holding down the TAB key, which is quite convenient.

It is worth mentioning that there are a lot of decorations in the construction mode, and the game also adds the function of painting vehicles, which may make some players who love “customization” very excited.

Diverse gameplay

After talking about the construction system, let’s talk about the various game modes in “Rise and Fall”.

As a game with “naval battles” and “physical sandbox” as the theme, the core gameplay of “Rise and Fall” is to build various warships for sea adventure and multiplayer battles.

Currently, there are four main modes we can play: single-player level, multiplayer combat, large-scale PVE, and creative mode.

In single-player mode, the game currently has 5 chapters. Each chapter has a different theme and 10 levels. The single-player level also combines beginner tutorials and practical experience well, allowing players to accumulate experience in shipbuilding and naval battles in a gradual process.

However, single-player mode is not a “one-person battle”. The game also sets up “ranking matches” in each level. To become the “King of the Sea”, players still need to figure out their own way to clear the level and find another way.

In the level, additional items such as goals, guidance, and star challenges are also set. At the same time, these additional challenges can also receive corresponding monetary rewards. Players can spend “glory currency” in the mall to obtain some appearance rewards, which can increase the motivation of the challenge to some extent. Such diverse and challenging levels inevitably remind me of some “Ren-style” games. I believe that both “exploration-type” players and “achievement-type” players will have a lot of fun.

This “challenge mode” actually lays the foundation for multiplayer battles. Multiplayer battles in the game are divided into PVP and PVE.

PVP mode requires completing the “Sea Hercules” (fourth level) in the second chapter of the single-player mode before playing (this may also be done to prevent players from being bullied by other players in a confused situation).

As for PVE, the game provides an open sea area, allowing players to occupy strongholds, unlock more skills, and dominate this sea.

However, it should be mentioned that compared to the sincere game mode, the BGM of “Rise and Fall” is relatively monotonous – there is only one background music with a soothing tone throughout the game, which makes players feel “something is missing” when participating in naval battles. Hopefully, more types of music can be introduced in the future to bring players a better experience.

Of course, as a sandbox game, the creative mode is also essential. The creative mode is divided into desert oasis, realistic archipelago, and endless ocean. Players can freely build ships in such endless modes. It is worth mentioning that in the “desert oasis” map, players can even build amphibious vehicles in the “realistic archipelago”, which greatly improves the game’s creative limit and gives players more choices.

Brainstorming “Let’s Wave Together”

Interestingly, the free sandbox gameplay of the game has led to countless creative works from players before the game was even launched. On Bilibili, the official has made videos of players’ creative ideas, which has become a “disaster area for ghosts and animals”.

From 20 years to now, every test has been filled with players’ creative ideas.

Some players say, “I don’t want to build ships anymore, I want to go to the sky!” They create lifelike medieval dragons.

Some players also use games to express their love for the production team, launching a sea “heart”.

Of course, with such a high degree of freedom in gameplay, players naturally enjoy the “Pin Gundam” segment. Well, some players have already created it – it’s just a bit creepy.

There are even black people carrying coffins into the game, which may be an unimaginable path for the production team or those of you who are writing this article (laughs)

Don’t say it’s really charming

Of course, if you only see it outside the game, it’s definitely not enough. In order to allow players to see the creative ideas of players from all over the world, the game provides a sharing platform – “Boat Expo”.

The community function is very complete

The Ship Expo is also fully functional, with everything it should have. A clear classification system and a fully functional community model incorporate players’ creativity and make it easy to find.

With such a complete community system, “Rise and Fall” is not just a one-person carnival, but also allows players to experience the fun of brainstorming.

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