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"Thief's Legacy 2" Review: Descendants break into the Demon City

Legacy of Thieves is a 2D platform action Roguelite game created by the Cellar Door Games production team. It landed on STEAM on June 28, 2013 and received a special 93% rating. After seven years, the production team returned with the sequel Legacy of Thieves 2. After nearly two years of EA testing, the game will be officially released on April 28. What changes have been made compared to the official beta version? What content has been added? Let’s take a look together!

Old routine, new picture

” Thief’s Legacy 2″ tells the story of a family rescuing a kingdom. The protagonist signs a contract to go to the fortress to fight against Sigu and lift the seal of the golden gate… If you fail, there are your offspring waiting to replace you…

The most intuitive manifestation after entering the game is the improvement in the graphics. This game changes the pixel art style of the previous game and upgrades the graphics to a 2.5D comic hand-drawn style. The upgraded graphics not only make the control of characters more refined, but also make the level scenes more abundant. Even the special effects of character moves have undergone significant evolution. At the same time, in the upgraded new style, the familiar flavor of “Thief’s Legacy” is still retained.

Compared to the EA beta version, which also includes Chinese in the official version, the Chinese translation of “Thief’s Legacy 2” is still very down-to-earth, such as my initial character’s name is “Junjie” and my offspring’s name is “Siyan”. However, there are still some problems with the current version’s Chinese translation, such as the weapon description of Berserker being directly represented in code without corresponding Chinese or English.

Children and grandchildren break through the demon city

The offspring system is the biggest feature of the “Thief’s Legacy” series. Unlike other protagonists who will be resurrected due to certain spells or curses after death, in “Thief’s Legacy”, the offspring of the hero you control will join the battle and continue your journey. And each offspring has a unique appearance, traits, and profession.

In each round of the game, there are three offspring for players to choose from. These traits can be positive, negative, or funny. For example, vertigo can make the game mirroring, everything upside down, and nostalgia can add a layer of retro shots to your game. The most annoying thing is irritable bowel movement. Your hero will always have diarrhea, and when you have diarrhea, in addition to visual impact, your controller will also vibrate. These negative traits are not useless. After you upgrade the “Cosmic Health Ladder”, you will unlock the coin modifier. At the same time, negative traits will provide you with a coin bonus. If you are a “non-warmonger” who cannot cause damage to enemies, you will have a 200% coin bonus.

Offspring with vertigo

Each hero has different special professions and optimized attack actions for each profession. Among the four initial professions in the EA beta version, the knight can move and attack, the archer has perfect charging and attack with a backseat, the berserker has the largest attack range but cannot move during attack, and the mage will display the attack trajectory. Compared with the previous game, the basic attack actions of each profession have greatly increased the characteristics of professions. Of course, in addition to the four professions in the EA version, the official version also added a total of 15 professions, such as a gunner with ammunition, a chef who can cook and heal, and a duelist who plays music and detonates musical notes.

Berserker has a wide range of attacks

Since we have finished talking about heroes in the game, let’s talk about the level design in the game. After the game starts, players will take Charon’s ship to Yagotai’s castle, where there are roads to various worlds (subsequent levels). Each level has a different design. The initial fortress requires players to open the boss’s door through decryption, while the Axis of the World is like a clean-up game, with one road to the end. At the road, Kelgelang not only needs to decrypt but also collect lily of the valley to sacrifice to the boss in order to open the door. This completely different level design greatly increases the player’s freshness, but the setting of starting over and not refreshing the boss after each death, coupled with the similar small monster design, will not make this freshness last long.

Cultivation and Pigeon

As a pigeon game, “Thief’s Legacy 2” can collect heirlooms and relics in the level. Heirlooms, as the name suggests, are treasures that can be passed down to the next generation of offspring. When obtaining treasures, the production team has set up a challenge level where teaching is greater than challenge to tell players how to use these treasures. Relics mostly come from specific scenes, and obtaining relics requires heroes to pay a certain amount of determination. When the determination is less than 100%, the hero’s physical limit will be deducted. It is precisely because of the setting of the determination limit that players cannot choose relics at will and collect them themselves The desired build is even more extravagant, and the setting that 80% of Treasure boxes are opened with gold coins greatly reduces the fun of collecting in the game.

To obtain a family heirloom, you need to complete a challenge

Relics that can increase money but cause immediate death

Finally, let’s talk about the cultivation system in the game. As mentioned earlier, 80% of the Treasure boxes in the game are gold coins, which can be used to upgrade hero levels or purchase equipment and runes. Players can spend money on attributes such as power, health points, armor, etc. in the skill tree, and can also unlock facilities such as blacksmiths, witches ‘residences, and 15 different professions.

After unlocking the blacksmith shop, players can obtain blueprints in the castle to build equipment. Different parts of the equipment have different added attributes, and the weight of the equipment will also affect the character’s determination. The witch’s residence is responsible for providing runes for heroes. Some of these runes can increase the player’s critical hit, and some can provide players with lifesteal to reduce the difficulty of the game.

As for the difficulty of the game, I personally think that this game is quite difficult. The obstacles for players to pass the level are not only a large number of enemies, but also traps hidden in the scene. Moreover, the increasing difficulty of each level in the game is not very reasonable. For example, in the first level, players can deal considerable damage to the boss, but in the second level, players with a level of 20 + can only scrape the boss with a level of 30… Fortunately, the production team provides players with settings that can adjust the room rules. Players who are clumsy can adjust the enemy’s health damage and the slowing time when aiming.

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