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Retirement emulator review: middle-aged retirement rhapsody

In the past, when I was young, I also dreamed that if I could have a stable income when I grew up, I would buy games and equipment that I couldn’t afford, and satisfy the unattainable game dream. Now that I have successfully become a corporate slave, have your naive childhood dreams come true? Although the word retirement is still too early for us, and we don’t know the changes in life after retirement, accompanying loved ones , taking care of children, raising grandchildren, dealing with neighbors, doing laundry, cooking, cooking, cooking, cooking, cooking, cooking, cooking, cooking, and other things will accompany us throughout our lives…

The beginning of this adventure is a little exciting

It can even be said that retirement is the beginning of another life, and we have “Retirement Simulator ” to have a “retirement early” life adventure.

[Retirement life emulator]

I don’t know when it started, but emulator games have become an indispensable category in the gaming industry. From simulating driving and delivering goods, repairing cars and tanks, to simulating picking up garbage and running gas stations. Whether realistic or humorous, it seems that all behaviors in this world can be simulated into a separate game for people to experience.

There are two initial difficulties according to the selection, and the middle and grassroots levels are different!

As the name suggests, “Retirement Emulator” is a simulation of retirement life. However, although it is a simulation, no one could imagine how to simulate “retirement” before the development of this game. Therefore, the production team deliberately collected details of the lives and stories of retired people around them, and based on these real materials, chose the type of Simulated Operation game. Because Simulated Operation games themselves have a higher sense of control, from attribute cultivation, NPC acquaintance and goal selection, to event development, etc., they provide players with a more controlled experience.

The basic logic of cultivation is easy to understand at a glance

In “Retirement Emulator”, players need to play the role of a general public “Fang Aiju” who has just entered retirement, plan their future life goals, develop a roadmap for their life trajectory, achieve a series of retirement life goals, and interpret more stories with the people and things around them.

[Retired Time Management Master]

Similar to traditional Simulated Operation games, the game sets attribute values for Fang Aiju (referred to as Lao Fang) in multiple dimensions such as art, communication, thinking, flexibility, and physical fitness at the beginning. Each value is related to the premise of event triggering in the process or the conditions for achieving life goals. The key to improving the attributes lies in Fang Aiju’s daily schedule. From reading newspapers and watching TV at the beginning, to the music, chess, calligraphy, and painting after the senior university opened up learning, to special activities such as skiing and surfing limited by the season, all can increase Lao Fang’s attribute values.

At first, I could only read newspapers and take walks at home, but later I became proficient in music, chess, calligraphy, and painting

After the initial tutorial is completed, the ultimate goal of the game will be presented: What is your retirement life goal? Currently, the game provides three life goals for players to choose from. Whether it is to become a strong traveler, follow the trend and embark on the road of Internet celebrity, or become a martial arts master who teaches martial arts. Regardless of the choice, in the game process, players must complete the corresponding growth goals in each stage within two years.

As the saying goes, when you are old and strong, you can also play a little trendy when you retire

Due to the fact that Lao Fang’s actions in the game are set to two rounds per week, the two-year period is neither short nor long. As the saying goes, every inch of time is precious, and the ultimate pressure of simulation and cultivation games comes from this strict target time. The core goal of playing “Retirement Emulator” is to achieve one’s goals within the limited time and trigger more events.

The two-year period is neither long nor short, and one needs to carefully plan their own development goals

Moreover, in addition to the restriction of two rounds per week, the health status and money of the old house also limit the player’s planning. In the early stage, activities at home do not cost money, but the attribute growth is extremely low. Advanced music, chess, calligraphy, and painting itself require spending money to attend classes in the elderly university. If the threshold attribute is insufficient, the learning time will be doubled. Even if you graduate, you still need to spend money to play these elegant pleasures in daily life. However, the pension itself is not much, and you have to hand over a part of it to your wife Wei Shuicui, so you can only work part-time to earn money to cultivate hobbies. However, excessive action will lead to a decline in health status, and insufficient energy will prevent you from taking action. Therefore, it is necessary to plan the rest and

Energy, money, and time are all indispensable

Various operations may seem cumbersome, and it’s inevitable to feel caught off guard when first entering the game. However, once the loop logic is mastered, daily cultivation will become smooth.

The sour, sweet, bitter and spicy flavors of the world

Numerical development is only the foundation of the game, and the triggering and development of events are the source of fun in the game.

With the progress of time or the growth of character attributes in the game process, various special events will be constantly triggered. These events, which are based on reality, are naturally full of a sense of reality from life and a Chinese-style cunning sense of humor. For example, family conflicts caused by children’s school district houses, survival crises after middle-aged people fall into fraud, a series of farces caused by not leashing dogs, and the fact that there are five people among the four kings of square dancing. Without much preparation and narration, Chinese players can understand the society behind the story in seconds, which is indeed very interesting.

Raising dogs without a leash is also a common conflict among neighbors

How to say, let the older generation help and young people face pressure themselves , it is really difficult to choose

The rewards after completing the event are considerable, but the triggering of the event itself has certain preconditions and strict deadlines. At the same time, an event is often divided into multiple stages, and it takes a lot of time and effort to read the entire story in one go. How to squeeze time out of limited time to achieve harsh conditions further enhances the game’s management strategy.

Events all have deadlines, and some are divided into several stages. How to allocate time is crucial

In addition to making random choices, players may also need to challenge some interspersed mini-games. “Retirement Emulator” comes with a complete set of card battle mini-games and a set of Audition Elderly Edition. The former requires players to form deck battles based on physical and mental attacks, while the latter requires players to twist their waists up, down, left, right, left, and right according to the rhythm of the music. Although the quantity and quality of mini-games are not particularly good, when the game combines these contents, it undoubtedly brings more fun and playability to the gameplay process of “Retirement Emulator”, and the experience is naturally extraordinary.

Gentlemen, I like square dance war

Actually using force with the elderly, really have no martial arts ethics

In addition, as the game progresses to the later stage, there will be additional community-building mini-games. However, the content design is relatively simple and functional. If it is further designed, it can also increase the fun of the game, which is a pity.

Only because of love can there be love between children.

As the saying goes, it takes two to tango, and when something happens, someone will naturally appear. The more activities players engage in in the game, the more people they come into contact with. Interacting deeply with these named NPCs is another set of emotional content in the game.

Although we are a family, our enthusiasm for getting along has long been worn down by trivial matters of life. It’s too real

From the spouse’s son, wife, and granddaughter, to the neighbor’s younger sister, square dance aunt, elderly college teacher… The rich characters and personalities make their respective experiences different. Some like to give gifts, some are difficult to handle, some must dine in luxurious restaurants, and some can purify the fatigue of the old house. Using reasonable communication in each round of action to make more friends and obtain more help is also a way to achieve life goals.

Unfortunately, the game is still weak in handling character relationships and lacks further design (I am not encouraging infidelity).

Of course, “Retired Emulator” is only an independent game and not a big production, so the use of stereotypes and exaggeration in character portrayal can indeed establish the character’s image in just a few lines of dialogue, which can also influence players’ likes and dislikes towards them. With the advancement of favorability and the development of events, the character shaping becomes more layered, which is very interesting when carefully considered.

The characters who appear more often also have more emphasis. It would be great if they could expand more

[Review Summary]

After a complete experience, “Retirement Emulator” is quite entertaining, with real-life cases as references and many events that evoke good emotional resonance. In addition, the Simulated Operation system has an unimaginably complete set of elements, and has achieved a considerable level of richness and maturity in content and gameplay, ensuring overall gameplay and fun.

In addition to normal game content, Easter eggs and memes are scattered throughout the game, which is very interesting

At the same time, each character in the game has a unique and bizarre life. The core characters will receive enough writing and clever plots to gain souls. As the story gradually unfolds and the number of characters increases, there will be an irresistible feeling when playing.

However, due to being rooted in the special theme of retirement life, the game has some inherent shortcomings, and is limited by the development team’s ability. The two-year process of the game cannot reach the length of other similar games, which is somewhat regrettable. However, the flaws do not overshadow the merits. No matter how far away the real retirement life is from us, and whether the future life can really be satisfactory, at least “Retirement Eulator” can let us glimpse the little pleasures of elderly life in Chinese humor.

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