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"The Green Forest Thief" graphic review: Four people team up to steal treasures

” Green Forest Rogue: Outlaws and Legends is a PVPVE game with a medieval background, in the game, players will form a four-person thief team to sneak into the castle and steal the treasure of the kingdom. At the same time of stealing treasure, we also need to fight wits with another four-person team composed of players, only the strongest can escape with hard-won wealth.

[Infiltrate the kingdom and steal the treasure]

From the name of the game, it can be seen that this work is based on the story of Robinhood, and what we need to do in the game is roughly the same as Luo Binhan. The eight players are divided into two teams, and these two teams will simultaneously carry out three tasks: stealing the sheriff’s key, sneaking into the castle to find the treasure storage room, and transporting the treasure. Since only one team will eventually get the treasure, the two teams often interfere with each other during the mission. In addition, the protection of the treasure by the kingdom NPC forms the main PVPVE treasure theft mode of the game.

At this stage of the game, in addition to PVPVE’s treasure stealing mode, there is also a practice mode available for players to play. In the practice mode, two teams will become one team. Players will no longer need to guard against the other team, just focus on fighting against the kingdom guards with other teammates to get the treasure. In other words, this is a simple treasure stealing practice PVE. Compared with the treasure stealing mode, the practice mode can help novice players better familiarize themselves with the map and how to sneak into the treasure stealing mode. If you, like me, are a player who loves to get lost, I believe this practice mode will be helpful to you.

There are also collectibles waiting for players to collect in the game.

The image quality of “Rogue of the Green Forest” can be said to be above average compared to other “chicken dinner” games. If you enter the cemetery map, you can clearly see every blade of grass on the ground around the church. If you line up in Lion Valley, you can clearly see the drizzle falling from the sky. When you sneak in and are discovered, the game will switch the BGM at any time according to the enemy’s alertness. If you wear headphones, you can clearly hear the footsteps of the sheriff walking towards you.

Different professions with different styles and unbalanced battles

The characters used by players in the game are collectively referred to as “Outlaws”. At present, there are four Outlaws available for players to choose from. If you are a player who likes long-range output, you can choose You Xia Robin. Players who prefer close combat also have Meat Shield Fighter John to choose from. The remaining hunter Marianne and arcanist Took are responsible for assassination and healing. Moreover, there are no official restrictions on team configurations, and players can freely choose to combine to form their own best team.

Although the four characters in the game have their own characteristics, the problem of unbalanced professional abilities still exists. In the world of “Green Forest Thief”, melee characters are stronger than ranged characters. When hunters encounter other characters, they can be said to be powerless to fight back. As long as you have some operations, using a fighter to charge into the crowd and cause triple or quadruple kills can be said to be commonplace. Therefore, as long as my teammates choose the hammer like me, I will feel that this game is half stable.

Just hammer it.

In addition to the imbalance in the strength of each character, the matching mechanism and matching mechanism in the game have not been balanced. The matching mechanism in the game can be said to be very outdated. When players engage in a battle, in addition to the regular matching waiting, they also need to wait for the arrival of the other seven players in the pre-assembled room. Such a complex matching mechanism, coupled with the scarcity of players in the game itself, directly increases the waiting time of a game to 3-5 minutes, and there is a huge gap in the level of the two teams in a game. This leads to the third issue that affects the balance of the game, “auxiliary skills”.

“Rogue of the Green Forest: Outlaws and Legends” has a professional proficiency setting. When players increase the level of a certain profession, this work will unlock the special costumes and weapons of this profession for players like other competitive games. In addition, you can also use auxiliary skills unique to this profession equipment. There is no doubt that the strength of auxiliary skills will increase with the proficiency of your profession level. Use the auxiliary skills of the arcanist Vampire Stick as an example. This skill will allow you to convert the melee attack damage caused to each enemy into life absorption at a certain proportion, which directly leads to low-level fighters and high-level arcanists. Fighters who are good at close combat will have no advantage.

Finally, let’s talk about the most criticized point of the game “Green Forest Thief” at this stage, which is “playing the deluxe version 3 days in advance”. I have already talked about how much the impact of auxiliary skills is on the game, so playing three days in advance can directly pull out the level of players between . Taking my first game as an example, in my first game, the average level of our team was only level 10, while the highest level of the enemy team reached 60. In addition to the suppression of wearable auxiliary abilities, the familiarity of the enemy team with the map made me jump back and forth between running maps and being assassinated throughout the game. This game can be said to have no gaming experience. I believe that there are more players who have such experience than me. I hope the game can improve the matching mechanism and let players of the same level line up together.

[Review Summary]

Overall, the game mode of “Rogue of the Green Forest: Outlaws and Legends” is impressive, but the excessive interaction with AI in the game makes the whole game look more like a PVE. Moreover, the official promotion of treasure theft is more like robbery than theft, which directly makes the excellent infiltration system in the game useless. If the game can add more new maps, characters, and modes in subsequent updates as promised by the official, and solve the balance problem in the game, I believe that “Rogue of the Green Forest” will become better.

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