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"SYNCED: off planet" review: a shooting treasure hunt game in the future world

Since its release in 2019, “SYNCED: off planet” has attracted the attention of many players with its wasteland sci-fi elements and seemingly “non-domestic” game graphics.

Like most games that focus on PVE content, the worldview of “SYNCED: off planet” is also based on a post-disaster wasteland world: Humans have made leaps and bounds with nanotechnology, but ultimately suffer disasters due to the betrayal of “nano microcomputers”. Only a few humans are placed in the air by the giant enterprise “Shenar”, and most people can only stay on this abandoned planet.

However, even so, a large number of warriors are still rushing to this forbidden area known as the “Meridian” by the outside world, trying to restore the truth of the “nano microcomputer” betraying humanity.

Gunfight, defeat, and then “core control” mutation of nanomaterials. This gameplay, which is different from traditional PVE shooting games, has made “SYNCED: off planet” not only have good graphics, but also many people, including myself, have a considerable interest in its gameplay.

Now, after multiple tests, “SYNCED: off planet”, a shooting online game that combines PVE and PVP modes, has officially met with everyone on September 8th.

To be honest, as an FPS player who has played a lot of shooting games but mostly maintains a “real gold and silver” rank, compared to the PVP mode, the undercurrent hunting ground of “SYNCED: off planet”, which is the PVE mode, is the part of the game that I am most looking forward to. The excitement of shuttling and jumping in the monster group during the process of advancing to each level also left a deep impression on me.

First of all, it is worth noting that the number and richness of levels in the Undercurrent Hunting Ground surprised me from the beginning. It includes more than 30 large levels, and each large level is divided into numerous small battles.

At the beginning of the game, facing a large number of nano-bodies one after another, it is easy to feel like being in a “mowing” game like WWZ. However, in reality, compared to WWZ relying solely on a large zombie group to provide players with the pleasure of sweeping and mowing, the number of nano-body enemies in SYNCED: off planet is relatively small, but the stronger and more diverse nano-bodies bring me greater pressure.

The reduction in the number of enemies will inevitably weaken the pleasure of “mowing grass”, but “SYNCED: off planet” makes the entire PVE mode more strategic with the design of a relatively large number of elite monsters and core-controlled nanomones.

Due to the particularity of elite nanomaterials, it is difficult to quickly kill or cause stiffness solely by shooting, and it is undoubtedly unwise to engage in close combat with elite monsters. The design of the “core control” gameplay in “SYNCED: off planet” provides everyone with more combat strategies and action modes.

Players can control the core of elite monsters by defeating them – even if you don’t have teammates, at least you have a strong enough nano-human as a teammate.

These core-controlled nanomans are also divided into various types such as crushers and attackers, corresponding to tanks, mid-range output, and so on.

In other words, everyone can choose their own core-controlled nanomaterials based on their chosen characters and their usual combat habits. Like me, do you like to hide in the back and harvest groups of nanomaterials? Then you can choose a first-hand guardian. This melee monster may not have high damage, but its strong defense can share a lot of firepower with players.

If you enjoy the thrill of freely navigating through monster groups and have enough confidence in your positioning and movements, you can also choose a more aggressive attacker to improve your team’s output.

Not only that, every time the player steps into the undercurrent hunting ground, it is like opening a new Roguelike level. In addition to upgrading characters and firearms outside the battlefield , players can also earn points by killing enemies in the game, and then upgrade their firearms and armor, or obtain stronger attributes and skills for the core-controlled nanomans.

Some skills can help the player give the enemy abnormal state, or can detonate it, more quickly harvest the surging nano body.

Compared to similar games where players can only replenish ammunition and change weapons from start to finish, “SYNCED: off planet” allows players to obtain different skill entries and endow the core control nanomones with different attributes through points every time they enter the dark tide hunting ground, thus creating a unique Build suitable for this level. At the same time, after killing the boss each time, players can bring special chips outside the field to build the corresponding PVE genre for themselves.

This rather special game mode, combined with the setting of “shooting treasure”, can largely offset the fatigue that may occur when playing repeatedly in many PVE shooting games.

To be honest, I don’t think it’s wrong to call the Dark Tide Hunting Ground PVE, but it doesn’t seem so appropriate to describe “Taojing Action” as PVP – because more precisely, this mode should be PVPVE.

Although the world of Tao Jing Action does not have a linear level scene like PVE that constantly advances, just like the Dark Tide Hunting Ground, players will also face enemy nanomans refreshed in various places after being thrown into the battlefield.

What everyone needs to do is to get their own core-controlled nanomaterials as soon as possible, constantly kill the refreshed nanomaterials to earn points, go to various places to unlock the corresponding advanced supplies, get stronger skill entries, armor, firearms, and let themselves have a greater advantage when fighting with other players.

The specific way to win the Taojing action is based on the number of nanomaterials obtained by players through “occupying key points” and other means when they arrive at the evacuation point in the game. Therefore, players need to make good use of their core-controlled nanomaterials, cooperate with teammates’ positioning and coordination, and monitor the score changes in the game in real time.

Compared to pure PVE games like Dark Tide Hunting Ground, although Tao Jing Action still provides a small part of PVE content, because there is no BOSS or a large number of elite monsters, these randomly refreshed nanomaterials have become the resources between players. At the same time, it greatly dilutes the quite boring looting phase in similar games, and instead transforms it into an essential PVE battle in the game.

At the same time, compared to purely “occupying key points” PVP shooting games, “SYNCED: off planet” provides more diverse game fun by relying on the skill entries obtained by the core-controlled nanomans and the player characters themselves. Because the core-controlled nanomans can not only act as tanks or carry the opponent’s output, but also provide corresponding skills for the characters – purely for PVP services and powerful enough skills.

For example, the “Guardian” core-controlled nano-human can give players a “gun shield” when aiming and shooting from the shoulder, giving them a greater advantage in gun battles. The skill of the “Insight” is simpler and more brutal in this battle royale environment. When combined, it can use radar to help players discover hidden enemies around them.

Due to the fact that I did not have any corresponding teammates during this experience, Taojing Action felt more like a “world-class enemy” solo battle royale to me – but Taojing Action mode supports teams of up to 3 people.

In other words, once our team encounters other players, a “6V6” battle will immediately erupt between player + nanoman VS player + nanoman.

Does our own core-controlled nanomancer have the ability to act as a “guardian” of the tank? Or during low-health battles, the character “Stone Doctor” with group recovery can also help the team turn the tide. Obviously, the choice of characters with different skills and the combination of core-controlled nanometers will become the most influential winning factor besides marksmanship.

This design also greatly enhances the strategic aspect of Taojing Action in the game, rather than simply engaging in a 3V3 gunfight between the “6 players” (who may have more people and be more chaotic).

Moreover, I also saw many “unlocked” modes in “SYNCED: off planet”, which means that there may be more new gameplay different from the above two modes in the future.

After trying Dark Tide Hunting Ground and Tao Jing Action and having a decent gaming experience, I am even more looking forward to the future of “SYNCED: off planet”.

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