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"Destiny 2: The Phantom of the Evil Princess" demo: The best days are coming

Unknowingly, “Destiny 2” has accompanied us for 7 years.

After the launch, it quickly proved itself, the total number of players online has exceeded 1 million, and the number of players online on Steam has also rebounded significantly compared to the long grass period of the previous few weeks, peaking at nearly 300,000.

What’s interesting is that if you browse the Chinese player community a few times, you will find that everyone is praising the plot of this update, which allows brush players to resist the temptation of the golden light on the ground and not to press the “ESC” button in every cutscene. This is also a very unique aspect of “Destiny 2” as a brush game.

In my opinion, “Destiny 2” in the year 4 after the word of mouth can gradually warm up, not only the filling of various gameplay, but also thanks to the season activities, raid team and the main plot of the high binding, in the fragmented narrative outside, “Destiny 2” with a lot of adrenaline soaring high-quality plot cutscenes, for the fate of the players to bring the experience of watching action blockbuster, and this happens to have created four “halo” of the best chicken.

As a player who basically doesn’t brush up and only plays the main storyline every year, this time “The Phantom of Evil Princess” undoubtedly hits my good zone.

On the surface, the stories of “Destiny” and “Destiny 2” are like various aliens invading a solar system with few resources, and humans are working hard to rebuild their homes after the collapse of civilization, which is very royal, and there is nothing to make people look at. The bright conflict, but the great chicken always uses the interlocking plot development to attract people to continue watching.

In the Crimson War, which continues the main line of the first generation, our Gadian was kicked off the mothership by the legion leader Ge Ou. Once again, from scratch, we fought against the evil demons in the ruins of Titan’s golden age.

After defeating Ge Ou and successfully avenging himself, he took over his Spade A from Kade 6, and countless pyramid spaceships were awakened. We will find that there is a larger “shadow force” behind Ge Ou. We raided the scarlet fortress on the surface of the moon and successfully obtained the amulet of the evil demon race to resist the power of the shadow;

While most players think that “Destiny 2” is a fairy tale of light defeating evil, the “Rurouni Season” that allows players to choose between light and shadow slightly reveals the worldview of light and shadow in “Destiny 2” that constrains and balances each other.

This time, the narrative focus of “The Phantom of the Evil Princess” is placed on the popular character Savatuen.

As an awkward canon, we are finally going to face this Lich Queen, and use our own way to gradually enter the more open field of the Bright Evil Demon Clan from the old Evil Demon Clan area, exploring the secrets behind the light energy… In order not to spoil it too much, I will not elaborate on the more detailed part of the legendary plot of “The Phantom of the Evil Princess”.

What can be revealed now is that the main storyline of ” Destiny 2 ” revolves around several major events based on the basic setting of light energy. In recent years, Bang Ji has been laying the groundwork for the climax of the plot. You will find that as early as when Destiny 1 still used card narration, they planted many foreshadowings about the current plot – Savatuen was mentioned in the DLC “The King Who Was Taken”, and the return of the Awakened Queen Mara Sauvy was hinted at in the Expansion Pack “The Lost Clan” of “Destiny 2”. They are key characters in “The Phantom of Evil” – Bang Ji has also stated that the “legend of light and darkness” opened in “Destiny” in 2014 will officially end in the next three years (including “The Phantom of Evil”).

So after experiencing this less than 10-hour battle, I was still conquered by “The Phantom of the Evil Princess”. Whether it’s the thrilling shooting battles, the mixed sense of technology and desolation, the very romantic space opera scenes, or the plot itself that has been worshipped by many players, this series still has its mature and unique highlights.

In terms of gameplay, “The Phantom of Evil” did not bring as revolutionary changes as the fourth ice talent for each profession in the Year 4 expansion pack, nor did it bring such radical changes as the Year 2 Expansion Pack directly scrapping all equipment (including gold equipment) from the previous two years. What Bang Ji did this time is more like a “addition” with a human touch.

Give a few examples –

The Yanyue Blade is the “cover weapon” of this year’s Expansion Pack, and it is also a very rare melee weapon as the cover. It also has a very unique mechanism, which can engage in melee combat, create a very smooth combo, and use inherent skills to cause long-range damage, and put a shield on itself. It is very versatile, and I loved it all afternoon. Even my colleagues passing by my workstation thought I was playing the “interstellar hamster” next door (laughs).

The Withered Bone Scales is a new exotic submachine gun added to “The Phantom of the Evil Princess”. Its most interesting feature is that it fires not ordinary bullets, but perceptual toxic bombs that can track enemies. From a visual effect, it looks like shooting out small insects, with a somewhat fierce but handsome appearance. It is worth mentioning that the last episode and precise shooting of this weapon will trigger an AOE damage, which can also make up for the general disadvantage of submachine guns against groups to some extent.

Of course, veteran players must have recognized that the withered bone scales are actually the appearance plus version of another popular weapon “Escape Spider (Hermit) “, and the Escape Spider has been out of the environment for a long time due to the Expansion Pack update. This wave is actually a return of nostalgia in another form.

In many long-term online games, the term “retirement environment” is common. By increasing the value of new equipment, not only can old equipment be eliminated, but also players can maintain a certain level of vitality. “Destiny 2” is also the same. However, Bang Ji chose to use many very interesting weapons to “implicitly” eliminate the conventional firearms of the previous season in terms of fun. I quite like this method and am looking forward to what more “crazy” weapons will be released in the next few seasons.

Moreover, in “The Phantom of Evil Spirit”, the long-awaited weapon forging system has finally been launched. After obtaining the blueprint of the corresponding weapon, we can consume a certain amount of material to make weapons and apply the perk we want to the weapon. The blueprint can only be obtained through some activities now, and we can also expect the blueprint system to be distributed to all weapons in the future.

We can also use the weapon skill extraction function to extract the affixes with red dots on one weapon (Deep Vision Resonance) and overlay them on another weapon. We can also use the reshaping function to customize the perk for the weapon. From the pure negative experience that could have been brushed for an afternoon without any improvement, to now being able to transplant and reassemble as long as a usable affix is brushed, this system greatly reduces the cost of graduation and is also a new way for “Destiny 2” to reduce the burden on players.

In the weapon forging system, players can customize their weapons more richly, and each player can create equipment that suits them.

In “The Phantom of the Evil Princess”, the old map “City of Dreams” has added many new contents and exploration elements. After deep development, the exploration experience has been greatly improved. The evil demon clan, which has long been defeated by the clumsy characters, has also received a large wave of buffs and become a more powerful light-energy evil demon clan. The void branch of each profession can also switch between active/passive skills like the newly added Ice Shadow branch in year 4, further enhancing the freedom of character building. Overall, this year’s “Destiny 2” is still the “most fun” version.

You should have also noticed that today’s review title did not give a final definition to “The Phantom of the Evil Princess”.

However, this does not prevent me from looking forward to the next few seasons of “Phantom of the Evil Spirit”. After seven years of updates, players of Bang Ji and “Destiny 2” have also become accustomed to the business model of updating the complete Expansion Pack every three months for a year. As the outpost of this year’s update, the Su Sheng season launched in the past two days has made a good start. The Legend campaign has successfully aroused the appetite of all players, and the newly added weapon forging system has a promising future.

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