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Review of Remnant 2: Giving You a Different Shooting Experience

To be honest, when I first heard the name “Remnant 2”, my first reaction was “I don’t seem to have played the previous game” and “It sounds like a horror game, definitely off-limits”.

But in fact, “Remnant 2” is the orthodox sequel to the soul-like game “Remnant: From the Ashes” created by Gunfire Games. The original work attracted a considerable number of players with its unique “soul-flavored shooting” game style.

Now the “Remnant 2” that meets everyone has achieved a comprehensive upgrade on the basis of the first generation.

The most obvious feeling when entering “Remnant 2” is the huge improvement of the entire scene compared to the first generation, which is “big”.

Relying on the setting of “World Stone Fragments” as teleport waypoints, players can freely shuttle between Survivor Base Camp “Experimental Area 13” and many parallel worlds. It is precisely this multiverse setting that allows the visual style of “Remnant 2” to no longer be limited to the intertwined Cthulhu, with more choices without making everyone feel abrupt.

On the previous map, I was still in the boundless forest “Yesha”, and on the next map, I came to the more diverse “Lothman” – after a carpet search of this grand palace, I could enter another part of the map, the “Iron Zone”, where there were “hospitable” residents like Yanan in Bloodborne…

In addition to these maps with monster hunting and exploration as the main content, there are also places like “Maze” that mainly use mechanism puzzle solving as the content of pushing maps. Compared with the previous work, “Remnant 2” has really improved the multi-faceted gaming experience.

Moreover, because everyone’s battles are randomly generated, the order and corresponding content of each map may change. Therefore, if you encounter difficulties in exploring your own map, you can plunge into other people’s worlds and perhaps see a completely different game world from your own.

At the same time, like “Remnant: From the Ashes”, the difficulty of “Remnant 2” will drop sharply in multiplayer games. Even if I choose the lowest “survivor” difficulty alone, I still suffer in front of many bosses. But when playing with friends, map exploration immediately becomes a relaxed and enjoyable “cutting melons and vegetables”.

Oh right, speaking of which, we have to mention the obvious changes in boss battles between Remnant 2 and Remnant: From the Ashes.

Most players who have played the previous game should have a deep impression of its boss battles – not because of the difficulty or fun, but because of the large number of monsters that make the game experience quite distorted and even “torture”.

But what I can clearly feel is that “Remnant 2” has made a very obvious change in this regard, and the boss battles are more inclined towards 1V1, allowing me to deal with bosses with more complete mechanisms and stronger attacking desires. Occasionally, some miscellaneous soldiers appear, but to a large extent, they only help players replenish ammunition, and will not be ridiculed by everyone as “10 points of difficulty, with small soldiers accounting for 8 points” like in the first generation.

What impresses me the most is the battle with the boss “Feiling”. In addition to a few enemies similar to traps it summoned, this battle broke out between the magnificent palace only between me and it. Coupled with Feiling’s own changeable attack methods and super high attack desire, this 1v1 boss battle became more exciting.

By doing this, the’soul flavor ‘is truly stronger than before.

In addition to the improvement of the boss battle setting itself, the number of boss battles and a large number of side missions in Remnant2 also left a deep impression on me. On the one hand, Remnant2 is also very soulful in map design. Sometimes the main door is right in front of you, but you need to explore the branch route to open it. Or you can constantly trial and error and explore along the way until you finally find the real main line enemy.

Among them, the map “Yesha” is quite typical. The final boss of the map is located in the deepest part of the map. At the same time, because the terrain of the map itself is quite complex, it can only be advanced through a carpet-style search. During this period, it has entered the branch line many times and triggered non-main line boss battles many times.

Or rather, according to the map design of “Remnant 2”, it is actually quite difficult to avoid side quests and head straight to the main storyline. Defeating these bosses can also bring considerable rewards, leading to the production of special weapons, equipment, or accessories. For players who are eager to advance the main storyline, this can greatly dilute the frustration and frustration of mistakenly entering the side quests and failing to advance the plot as soon as possible.

While there are many branch bosses on each map, the map design of “Remnant 2” is also very distinctive. The 3D guided map allows players to clearly see how much area they have explored on the map and which fork in the road is still in the dark waiting for them to go.

A large number of high and low differences make up the entire multi-level map, which significantly enhances the fun of exploring this aspect in “Remnant 2”. The scene of “Joy Palace” is even more outstanding among them.

Not only that, each map also has a hidden profession, which is an extra Easter egg that the official did not disclose before the game was officially released. For example, in the “Yesha” map, you can use corresponding materials to obtain items and unlock the hidden profession of Summoner.

This design not only makes the professional combinations of “Remnant 2” more diverse, but also gives everyone more motivation to carefully explore each map – at least based on myself, until now, I have only discovered the profession of the map “Yesha”.

Compared with “Remnant: From the Ashes”, the combat methods and specialties of different professions in “Remnant 2” have become more prominent, rather than relying solely on character talents and equipment to build corresponding builds.

Challengers who rely on heavy melee weapons and shotguns for hand-to-hand combat, as well as hunters with super long-range output capabilities. Or, like me, choose to be more fancy, with a “noon has arrived” gunner anytime, anywhere, or even “one person and one dog” to conquer the world. In critical moments, dogs can also attract hatred and resurrect your trainer.

After the characteristics of the profession itself become more distinct, everyone is no longer so casual when forming teams and creating professions, but will focus on the combination between different professions. Moreover, in addition to the combination of the team itself, after the character’s profession level reaches level 10, it can unlock its own second profession.

While strengthening the concept of “profession”, the opening of the second profession further enhances the diversity of gameplay in “Remnant 2”. Even lone wolf players can experience the strategy of profession pairing. Either choose output + output to completely turn their character into a “glass cannon”, or rely on the second profession to make up for the shortcomings of their main profession and become an all-around traveler with both offense and defense.

After listening to the previous introduction, some friends may think that randomly selecting maps from the map pool to form battles can greatly reduce repetition and enhance the fun of “brushing”.

But in reality, it is not the case, or rather, it is not necessary.

Because players in “Remnant 2” do not need to strengthen their armor, they can invest all their resources in their weapons and accessories. Even in terms of equipment that affects strength, such as weapons and necklaces, if you are a player like me who is keen on “picking up junk” all over the map, then you can basically sweep through most of them in one playthrough.

Without the need to “brush brush brush”, the so-called repeated play in “Remnant 2” is largely just to go to other people’s worlds and experience scenes that have not been seen in one’s own world.

Although “Remnant 2″ does not have very rich multi-week content, as a sequel to ” Remnant: From the Ashes “, it has made considerable improvements and improvements on the basis of a generation of works.

After eliminating all the previous flaws, “Remnant 2” has taken a big step forward in the path of soul-like shooting with its thrilling boss battles and complex and exquisite multi-layer map design.

If you are a new player interested in the gameplay of “soul-like + design”, “Remnant 2” is definitely a work not to be missed. If you are interested in the first generation but are discouraged by those small flaws, then what reason do you have to refuse this enhanced version of “Remnant 2” that corrects the flaws?

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