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Exoprimal ": Originally thought to be a combination of science fiction and ancient times

To be honest, when I first saw the trailer for “Exoprimal”, many of my friends and I couldn’t help but laugh.

There is no other reason, just doubt whether Capcom really has any “deep hatred” with dinosaurs. It is not enough to destroy a wave in Monster Hunter. Even if the world view becomes a future science fiction world, the mission goal is still to eliminate dinosaurs.

Of course, compared to fighting games like Monster Hunter, “Exoprimal” is more like a zombie game with “survival in the sea of corpses” in terms of overall gameplay, except that the enemies are dinosaurs. Moreover, compared to pure shooting games, it also requires additional consideration of the combination of different characteristic characters.

To be honest, after the official release and playing for a while, the unique PVE gameplay of “Exoprimal” still gave me a big surprise.

The story of “Exoprimal” takes place on Earth in 2040. Suddenly, a large number of dinosaurs attack humans for no reason. The player plays the role of a warrior from the company Avius, which has the artificial intelligence “Leviathan”. Wearing advanced power armor, he ensures that humans are protected from the threat of dinosaurs.

However, as the plot progresses, the seemingly righteous Avius company also reveals a hint of conspiracy, giving a feeling of the “umbrella company” in Resident Evil. The specific background stories also require players to continuously play to obtain more fragments, and then continuously unlock them, gradually restoring the truth of the entire world.

Of course, as an online game that focuses on PVE content, background stories are largely just an accessory – at least I didn’t pay much attention to the plot from beginning to end, but instead focused on quickly getting into the next game match.

However, the main difference between “Exoprimal” and many PVE games that focus on online monster conquest is that it is not purely a PVE mode, but a “PVPVE”.

In each game you match, you not only need to consider whether you can successfully eliminate monsters with your teammates to pass the level, but also need to compete with another team to pass the level – in other words, although it is a game based on PVE, it is still essentially PVP, and the standard for measuring the victory or defeat of each game is not whether you can pass the level, but the speed of the two teams passing the level.

After each level, the system will give a prompt to determine whether our team’s progress is faster or slower than the opponent’s. It’s quite novel for me to engage in invisible battles with other players in PVE mode.

However, since there is a competition of clearance speed between the two player teams, in addition to the different technologies of the players themselves, the combination of various types of power armor is particularly important.

If we want to categorize them simply, the power armor in “Exoprimal” can be divided into three categories like most games: output, tank, and support. And within each type, there are multiple different types of armor.

In addition, due to the unique game setting of “Exoprimal”, the power armor chosen by each player is not fixed. On the contrary, players can change to different types of power armor at any time during the game process. This also gives everyone more choices for gameplay and clearance templates.

In situations where there are many miscellaneous soldiers and the focus is on testing the team’s efficiency in clearing monsters, the significance of support or nanny is relatively small. At this time, players who control the support armor can directly replace it with a set of output armor, and then rush into the enemy formation with their teammates to kill them.

If the enemy team controls dinosaurs and comes to interfere with our own level, then adding one or two tanks may be the safest choice to ensure our survival and smooth clearance.

Otherwise, it’s like this

That’s right, although “Exoprimal” focuses on PVE gameplay, the PVP content of “Exoprimal” is almost ubiquitous. Not only do the two teams need to compare their clearance speed every time they pass the level, but each team also has the opportunity to control a dinosaur to go to the enemy world for destruction.

How much disturbance and destruction one’s own dinosaur can cause to the opponent’s camp can largely determine whether this game can occupy a greater advantage.

In a game that left a deep impression on me, because all five of us were having too much fun, even the tank armor had been replaced with output and charged into the monster group. However, such a “glass cannon” was directly shattered after the enemy team’s highly health dinosaurs arrived – and the game ended in a disastrous defeat.

On the other hand, besides the combination of different power armor and the impact of technical level on each game, upgrading different power armor can also give oneself a greater advantage.

“Exoprimal” also performs well in this regard. By constantly upgrading and obtaining corresponding resources, you can unlock more “modules” for yourself ‘s commonly used power armor – continuous attacks can provide additional output, increase additional movement speed when the health is low…

After equipping many modules, they can gain significant advantages in subsequent matches. Of course, this armor upgrade system has its pros and cons. Purely considering the PVE content, this setting is definitely excellent, giving players more motivation to repeatedly play and continuously upgrade and unlock stronger armor modules.

On the other hand, in the case of PVP confrontation in the game, if one side has too much high-level armor, it means that the game is likely to be overwhelmed. Such a gaming experience is not particularly wonderful in a game that seems to focus on PVE.

To be honest, during the process of playing “Exoprimal”, I didn’t notice any so-called “hard flaws” in the game. The only thing that made me feel a bit overwhelmed was that the free replacement of power armor was both good and bad. Sometimes everyone may choose to output in a rush, and such a “5C” lineup often ends up being defeated at lightning speed due to the lack of tank protection and support recovery when encountering multiple elite monsters in the same field.

On the other hand, there are relatively few types of enemies in Exoprimal at this stage, such as Raptors, Toothless Pterosaurs, or a few elite monsters like Triceratops designed as miscellaneous soldiers. If you, like me, enter Exoprimal with the idea of experiencing a sci-fi-style “fighting game”, it is inevitable to feel a little disappointed when you see such a limited variety of enemies.

Of course, perhaps it is also considering the issue of monster types that “Exoprimal” brings more uncertainty and playability to everyone’s matches through PVP. Even the fixed PVE content will collide with different sparks because of the armor differences you and your teammates choose each time.

From this point of view, the problem of monster types seems to be partially offset?

At least, my experience with Exoprimal was quite enjoyable .

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